Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Myvi vs Persona

I test drove the Myvi and Persona today as I waited for my Ah Mat to be serviced. (That service made my dad poorer... haish!) I drove the Persona first. It's like de javu, oh my goodness, this is Shungz Gen 2!! Inside is exactly the same, the steering wheel, the radio, the seats, the dashboard and the gear (well, slight difference I think). EXACTLEEEEEEE THE SAME! Moving to the 'buntut'.. wow! There is one! Unlike Shungz.. (I meant his Gen 2 ok! :p) ANYWAY, the boot is super spacious! I think it can fit like 3 Ericas in there, for example only laa ;) The drive was smooth and the gear change was quite silent, not much revving. Handling was good too. But it's kinda short drive to evaluate. It comes in black, silver, white, red, gold, grey and some weird bluberry tea colour. Thank goodness no orange (no offence Shungz) or light blue crap. All in all I was quite impressed with a Campro engine 1.6. As 'powderful' as my Ah Mat wei! But my Ah Mat is no Campro engine! hehe
photo courtesy of The Star

Ok now about Myvi. Firstly, the salesgirl was not bothered to verbally advertise the car. Nevermind! The drive was a bit jerky as the accelerator was oversensitive coz when you just tap it a bit it jerks in front way too fast. And when the gear was about to change you must rev quite high and it's noisy! No need to say about the 'buntut' la.. But otherwise, the colours available are cool and the shape is pretty cute. So, it's more of a ladies' car! The special edition is kinda ah beng-ish so.. EW!
photo courtesy of Perodua

Anyway, just test drive the cars yourselves la and make up your own minds. I hope I can test drive my dream car one of these days...
MY Peugeot 407... On the way... Is the only way... hehe


shungz said...

wahh! too much ar. kena from you pulak. hehe. but yeah ler, the persona's a piece of crap la. there's only 1 gen 2, and its orange in colour, and its from kajang! hahahaha.

Reverse said...

haha where got kenakan u? Kenakan ur orangey Gen 2 only ma... :p

Eric said...

Bugger. Can fit 5 of me in there okay... I'm not that fat! Ahahah.

Reverse said...

I was considering your height oso ma, erica... hehe :p